NEWS NOTES: February 14, 2012

Here are links to some items you might find of interest:

1) Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, marriage equality has become the law of the land in Washington State, the seventh state (plus the District of Columbia) to enact such a law.  Catholic Governor Christine Gregoire signed the bill on February 13th. The Chicago Tribune ran a Reuters story, “Washington governor signs gay marriage law,” which notes Gregoire’s faith. Equally Blessed, the coalition of Catholic organizations which work for LGBT justice and equality (of which New Ways Ministry is a member) issued a statement affirming Governor Gregoire’s action.

2) Two Catholic “coming out” stories appeared on the web recently.  The Quinnipiac Chronicle carries “The Pride Inside,” an article about college student Michael Castro’s experience.  Posterous Spaces carries “Coming to terms with my homosexuality at the University of Notre Dame,” by Tanya Barrios, an alumna.

3) Maggie Gallagher, of the National Organization for Marriage, a Catholic who works against marriage equality is profiled in article, “The making of gay marriage’s top foe.”

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry



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