Australian Priest Meets With Attorney General to End “Gay Panic” Defense

An Australian priest who is leading a campaign to eliminate the “gay panic” defense from his province’s law has met with the provincial attorney general to discussion his request.

Fr. Paul Kelly

Fr. Paul Kelly of Maryborough met with Jarrod Bleijie, Queensland attorney general, to talk about ending the troublesome defense plea which allows defendants to seek clemency by claiming that  unwanted homosexual advances were a provocation for violent crime.

The attorney general is not inclined to change the law.  According to The Australian newspaper:

“The previous state government had accepted a recommendation from a committee appointed by the former attorney-general to amend the laws, but current Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie confirmed in a statement . . .that he would not proceed with the change.

“Mr Bleijie said the most recent amendments to the laws, which took effect last year, had not been examined in a courtroom.”

Bondings 2.0 had earlier reported on Fr. Kelly’s online petition to amend the law.  He has collected close to 206,000 signatures from Australia and around the world.  Fr. Kelly commented:

“The international attention on this archaic and discriminatory law is most welcome. . . .Queenslanders don’t want it, Australians don’t want it, and now we can see the world doesn’t want it.”

Fr. Kelly became involved in this issue because of a homicide which took place on the grounds of his parish:

“Richard John Meerdink and Jason Andrew Pearce were jailed for the manslaughter of Wayne Robert Ruks in the grounds of Maryborough’s St Mary’s Church in 2008.

“The court did not accept their defence that Mr Ruks had followed them to the church and tried to grab Pearce’s crotch before he was punched and kicked to death.”

Fr. Kelly was cautiously hopeful after his meeting with Bleijie.  According to Gay News Network, Fr. Kelly commented:

“He acknowledged there was a lot of community support for a change in the law and he invited me to continue to press my case.

“While the Attorney-General expressed serious reservations about many aspects of my call to reform this law, he made it clear to me that he had not made a final decision on the issue.

“I got the impression he was leaving the door open for reform of this law, but that he was still, unfortunately, a long way from being convinced.”

The priest plans to continue his campaign, despite negative messages coming from government officials:

“Father Kelly said though he believed the ‘overwhelming’ weight of support would eventually see a change in the law, he was left dismayed Premier Campbell Newman was still denying the use of the ‘gay panic’ defence in criminal cases.

“ ‘The gay panic defence doesn’t exist. There is no law that says it is okay to beat someone up or murder them because of their sexuality. It simply doesn’t exist!’ a spokesperson for Newman wrote on his official Facebook page on Monday, July 30.

“ ‘The man [Pearce] you refer to received a sentence of 9 years imprisonment, but the parole board decided to grant him parole on July 9 this year. The key factor in determining this man’s sentence was that he was found guilty of manslaughter, not murder, because the prosecution could not prove he intended to murder the victim.’

“Father Kelly said such claims were ludicrous.

“ ‘The defence isn’t just theoretical – it has been brought up as the reason in two separate court cases in Queensland in the past few years,’ Father Kelly said.

“ ‘For Mr Newman and his Attorney-General to deny that it exists is astounding.’ ”

Our prayers and support go to Fr. Kelly for this campaign.  May he be successful in correcting this injustice!

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

Australian Catholic Priest Re-Launches Campaign to End ‘Gay Panic’ Defense

An Australian Catholic priest has re-activated his signature campaign to eliminate the “gay panic” defense as a legal maneuver to decrease murder charges to manslaughter if the accused person says that he acted in response to a homosexual advance by the victim.

Father Paul Kelly

Father Paul Kelly of Maryborough, Queensland, is renewing his efforts to eliminate that provision in his Australian state because of change of government and policy there. reports that a new political party, the Liberal National Party (LNP), is now in power in Queensland and the new Attorney General is not as favorable to the change as the previous Labour party official was:

“[Fr. Kelly] has relaunched his campaign following remarks by the new Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie that changes to the gay panic law were unnecessary, saying the previous administration had used it as a ‘political football.’ ”

According to Fr. Kelly, prior to the election, the current Premier said he thought a change to the law was “certainly worthy of sensible consideration and we will look at it.”   Fr. Kelly attributes the reversal in policy to a change in the party’s position:

“Sadly, it appears that the more extreme elements of the LNP have hijacked the party’s position on reforming this archaic law. . . .

“An expert committee looked at the issue and recommended changes – which were accepted by the previous government – to remove doubts about the use of the gay panic defence.

“The Premier appears to be going against the wishes of the public, with more than 75 per cent of Queenslanders saying in a Courier-Mail poll that the gay panic defence should be struck out.”

Fr. Kelly is collecting signatures on the popular website for petitions.  You can access the petition here. He commented on the success of the earlier petition campaign which attracted 26,000 signatures:

“The most uplifting aspect of my campaign was that it united disparate elements of the community – young and old, right and left, gay and straight – in speaking out against a discriminatory, offensive law.”

Fr. Kelly is aiming to collect 40,000 signatures and has said he is available to deliver them to the Premier personally. has noted that his previous campaign was the largest one ever in Queensland and one of the largest ever in Australia.

Bondings 2.0 reported earlier this year when Fr. Kelly initiated the campaign.  You can read that posting here.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

NEWS NOTES: January 26, 2012

Here are links to some articles you might find of interest:

1) Let us keep LGBT people in Uganda in our prayers today, the first anniversary of the murder of activist David Kato.  In “Uganda: Murdered Gay Activist David Kato ‘Lives On,’ ” the International Business Times reports that among Ugandan gay activists “a commitment to fight for equal rights in Africa has lost none of its force.”

2) Dignity/Chicago and the Rainbow Sash Movement are two of the sponsors of a Sunday, February 12th, 10:30 a.m. protest outside of the Windy City’s Holy Name Catholic Cathedral. reports the details and reasoning behind the protest in “Holy Name Cathedral Protest Set for 12 February.”

3) reports that the province of Queensland, Australia, has agreed to a Catholic priest’s 25,000-signature petition to eliminate the “gay panic” defense from the law.  For details on the decision, read “Catholic priest wins ‘gay panic’ defence fight.”  Bondings 2.0 blogged about Fr. Paul Kelly’s signature collecting efforts in our January 2, 2012, post “Catholic Priest Speaks Out for Equality in the Law.”

4) The New York Times carries an Associated Press story, “Gay Marriage Returns to the Political Spotlight,” which is a good round-up of upcoming marriage equality battles in seven states.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

Catholic Priest Speaks Out for Equality in the Law

Let’s start the new year off on a positive note.

A Catholic priest in Queensland, Australia, is leading the charge to eliminate the “gay panic” defense from the law there.  Also known as the “homosexual advance defense,” this is a moved where lawyers say that an accused person killed a person because of being sexually propositioned.  This defense is used to lessen a charge from murder to manslaughter or lighten a sentence .  There is no equivalent for a heterosexual advance.

In an article posted on,  Fr. Paul Kelly is quoted saying:

 “It is simply intolerable that anyone can rely on a defence or an excuse that an alleged homosexual advance could somehow mitigate against violence that leads to death.”

Kudos to Fr. Kelly for standing up for equality in justice!

Let’s hope and pray that his will  the pattern for the year of many priests, bishops, and Catholic leaders speaking out for justice and equality for LGBT people.  We know that many Catholic leaders privately support rights.   Let’s hope that in  the new year they will start speaking out about what their consciences tell them.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry