11 Responses to Knights of Columbus’ Financial Opposition to Marriage Equality Revealed

  1. Clare says:

    This is shameful. The Knights should be better than this. The Jesus Christ of the New Testament would not sanction this but rather be there to support those who are marginalized and discriminated against.

  2. Babs says:

    I agree that this is shameful but also think they too, along with the Catholic Church, should lose their tax exempt status. They have the right to support whatever they choose, I also have the right to choose and make my own prayerful decisions on matters of morals. Let’s make this a fair game. Make them choose about their moral decisions by giving them a choice of TAX EXEMPT STATUS OR NOT!

  3. […] HRC report was released on the same day that another report detailing major contributions against marriage equality efforts from the Knights of Columbus.  […]

  4. Why should the government tax anyone that you don’t agree with? It is a shame in this that people cannot disagree on an issue an keep it civil. I for one, don’t think anyone wants to involve themselves in other people’s business or who visits who in hospitals (liberty) however I also believe I have the right to teach my children what the “ideal” relationship is.

    I could care less if the Church was tax exempt or not. I would love to see that battle fought.

  5. […] Last week, we reported on Equally Blessed’s report which detailed how the Knights of Columbus are spending millions […]

  6. […] a related item, the Knights of Columbus have recently donated $100,000 to the campaign in Maine opposed to the marriage equality […]

  7. […] ineffective. The millions of dollars that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Knights of Columbus spent attempting to crush the hopes of LGBT Catholics and their families could have been better […]

  8. […] report breaks down the funding by state.  It complements a report by Equally Blessed released before the election which details funding to oppose marriage equality by the Knights of […]

  9. Millions spent on Defeating didn’t work; could have been used more profitably in supported the failing 85% of Hetro marriages that fail. But who wants to do a real work of Justice when you can fuel you fear and hate?

  10. […] Knights of Columbus have contributed $6.5 million to oppose marriage equality over the past seven years, according to […]

  11. […] during the 2012 election cycle. A report by the Equally Blessed coalition found that the Knights spent at least $6.5 million between 2005 and 2012 opposing LGBT legal equality. This effort by the Knights was voted on of the […]

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